I love walking to the park every day, and, photography opportunities like this make it even better!

Photograph shot of iPhone 7


Edited on Lightroom CC.


What I’ve attempted at achieving is an urban desaturated look with a little pop of colour.  Let me know what are your thoughts on this.


Experiments on the artboard

Before-After, Photography

I am a huge fan of all the Adobe software. Until yesterday I used photoshop to edit all my pictures. Adobe Lightroom is my new discovery. I might be a little late in discovering this, in fact, this ain’t even a discovery, however, I can’t help but flaunt my love for the software.

Most of my candid shots lack the ideal light exposure and this software works great for fixing this.

Here is the photograph of adorable 80-year-old grandmother. This picture was shot on iPhone 7.


here is the Edited Photograph


and here is a comparison of the both…